What Will You Make Space for Next Year?

Posted on 09/30/2022


All of us have the power to manifest our dreams and desires, certainly on a personal level. The ability of our imagination to craft scenarios that we wish to become realities is endless. The first step in doing so is to simply create the space to believe it can be so. This is what our brand’s founders did in envisioning Explora Journeys, and any of us can do the same.

Whether you wish to record an original song in a professional studio, become fluent in another language, write a food-and-whisky pairing cookbook, or discover the world through immersive luxury ocean experiences with us, self-belief and holding space for the power of possibility are essential.

So often, we look to the end of a calendar year and the start of a new one as a time to reflect upon what we have accomplished and what we wish to embark upon in the future.

In these months leading up to that poignant time between December’s end and January’s beginning, we must pause to think about what our heart truly desires, and then to trust that it can indeed come to pass. Making this conscious leap is an act of self-care and positivity that can transcend challenges and ultimately provide proof that hopes and dreams can, indeed, come true.

The world recently witnessed a profound, collective reflection upon the extraordinary life and reign of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

At a speech at Dublin Castle in 2011, the Queen said, “What were once only hopes for the future have now come to pass.”

Although she was referencing progress that had been made in relations between Ireland and Northern Ireland, if one were to paraphrase this observation in the simplest of terms, it was a remark on having seen the transformation of a dream into a reality. In other words, it was proof that an idea, a hope, was laid out and then it came to fruition.

How much of what your heart truly desires for the coming year has to do with the spark of aliveness and joy you feel when you travel? Do you find your thoughts drifting like a lazy afternoon cloud toward the blue of a faraway horizon? Are you yearning to taste new flavours, or to stand face-to-face with history in places like Alesand, Norway, where millions of years of nature’s movement have etched textures onto rocky fjords?

We invite you to pause and imagine, to close your eyes and let your thoughts drift toward your deepest hopes for the ways you would most like to connect with the world next year. In doing so, you are making space for your travel dreams to become your travel plans, and eventually your cherished memories.

In fact, getting into this state of flow with your thoughts is how some people describe their “Ocean State of Mind,” which is at the heart of every Explora Journeys experience, as we redefine ocean travel for a new generation of discerning travellers.

The ships are deeply conducive to relaxation and transformation. Our founders, the Aponte Vago family, have collaborated with some of the world’s foremost superyacht, cruise and luxury hospitality designers and architects.

When it comes to privacy and space onboard – literal physical space, that is – each suite on EXPLORA I has been exquisitely designed to stimulate the senses and enhance the connection with the ocean, through the interplay of light, color, space, privacy, and textures.



These ‘Homes at Sea’ begin at 35 sqm (377 sq ft) in the Ocean Terrace category. These are some of the largest in the industry, and feature their own private terrace complete with daybeds and an alfresco dining area, bringing guests closer to the ocean.

Choice, too, is highly important. We want guests to feel as free as they like, to do whatever they like, and that includes the ability to enjoy sophisticated and varied experiences across 18 food and beverage venues, including six restaurants, five lounges and in-suite dining. Discovery, lasting connection and consciousness are at the core of the Explora Journeys vision, and the elegant culinary experience aboard is no exception. And when it comes to destinations, we inspire you to travel further, immerse deeper and linger a little longer.

When you tune into your Ocean State of Mind, the vastness of the world, the buoyancy of wonder, and the awakening of possibility converge within your awareness and you feel a sense of calm, of joy and of belief that indeed, your travel hopes and dreams have come true.



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